Farmer's Market


For my master's thesis, I reimagined a historic but severely deteriorated farmer's market close to my heart and hometown, Cali, Colombia, as a vibrant go-to spot for fresh, locally grown produce and fun for the whole family.

To achieve my vision, I focused on solving the market's three most pressing issues:

  1. Flooding from heavy rainfall leads to unhygienic conditions
  2. Poor ventilation and pollution disrupt air quality and comfort
  3. Disorganization limits space and hurts vendor sales

To mitigate flooding, I proposed raising the market's rear area and laying down highly absorbent grass throughout to act as a natural barrier and prevent stormwater and runoff from the adjacent river bank from entering the building.

I reconfigured the inside with perforated brick walls and a sawtooth roof with open louvers for maximum ventilation. 

Lastly, I implemented modular workstations and storage units to suit the diverse needs of vendors, keep food fresh longer, and offer customers plenty more walking space.

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Master's Thesis

New York School of Interior Design