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MAG Partners is a woman-owned real estate company that has been developing iconic projects across New York for decades.

As an Interior Design Intern at Woods Bagot, I worked closely with the Principal Designer to renew their Midtown offices.

My contributions to the project included:

  • Bringing two custom credenzas to life, for which I had to find a millworker, communicate the creative vision, and coordinate the production.
  • Facilitating communication between MAG Partners and the Woods Bagot design team.
  • Readjusting the old floor plan to feature the newly designed layout.
  • Curating and sourcing furniture, lighting, and accessories aligned with the client's brand and budget.
  • Meticulously tracking expenses to avoid cost overruns.

Overall, this experience bolstered my ability to blend creativity with practicality, deepened my understanding of collaborative design, and influenced my approach to future projects.

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